MELK  CONSTRUCTION has all the competence and experience required to plan, manage, execute and deliver all your projects on time within the set budget defined. We are specialized in renovation and construction of projects for residential and multi-unit buildings. We will provide turn key projects based on your requirements

We also have a division for structures and foundations. Do you need a techncial advise in regards to your foundation or structure of you house, your extension? Do you need to repair your foundation? Humidy in your basement? Water infiltration?

Please call us and we will be happy to provide you with the best technical help. Again we will provide a turn key solution with competitive pricing.

We have a strong reputation as a renovation company, a builder, project manager and project leader. 
- MELK will provide quality and workmanship for each trade and supplier.
- MELK will meets all the deadlines and schedules since the planning is very detailed and shared with our customers for feedback.
- MELK consults with you, the customer, on all decisions that might lead to cost or time structure changes.


Our priority is to achieve our client's goals within their time frame and budget.